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Phobos Anomaly is an illustrator, designer, and writer. He's been drawing digitally for over 10 years using Adobe Photoshop CC, and also has limited experience with Clip Studio Paint and Procreate.With an ever-evolving yet easily recognisable style, Phobos' art takes inspiration from anime, western comics and video games. He specialises in character-focused illustrations and character design itself, citing unique color palettes and recognisable silhouettes as his strongest design elements.Phobos is creating many fictional stories in a multitude of formats, featuring several unique and carefully crafted characters. Subjects that tend to weasel into his work include found family, queerness, loneliness and acceptance.

Phoenix lives alone in a cozy yet colorful flat somewhere in the middle of England. He enjoys playing a variety of video games in his free time, noting retro FPS titles as his favourites, especially titles like DOOM, QUAKE, and Duke Nukem, as well as modern reincarnations of the genre such as Cruelty Squad, ULTRAKILL and Slayers X.He cites the community and culture around VOCALOID and related technologies as something of extreme interest to him, and has been collecting the software since 2020, later beginning to create covers of songs he enjoys under the moniker Vocanomaly.
Whilst enjoying a wide variety of music, Phoenix admits his heart belongs to alt rock especially, enjoying bands such as Guided By Voices, Interpol and Nine Inch Nails, though does enjoy more popular musicians such as David Bowie too.
Other niche interests include "gijinka" characters (such as OS-tans), vintage computer tech and OS design and 90s/2000s web design.